Challenge Yourself to Learn Guitar In Just 4 Weeks

Best of All, This Course Costs You Nothing!

7 Lessons
1 hr 12 min


In this course, absolute beginners (as well as intermediates) who’d like to ensure their technique is as solid as a diamond can go through an ideal path of least resistance to efficiently and quickly learn the guitar. 

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

– Module 1: Learn all the housekeeping details about the guitar to get started, including the parts of the guitar and how to tune a guitar.

– Module 2: Learn each string individually, and steadily apply exercises and songs to cement that knowledge in your mind. Once you have that know-how, you’ll learn how to play multiple strings simultaneously (that being chords). By the end, you’ll be equipped to independently learn your favorite songs and graduate from being a beginner to an intermediate.


1. Deciding to Learn Guitar

⏱ 2 Days

2a. Choosing Your Acoustic Guitar Gear

⏱ 2 Days

2b. Choosing Your Electric Guitar Gear

⏱ 2 Days

3. Learning to Play the Guitar

⏱ 8 Days